Rain Bird Corporation

A privately held company founded in 1933, Rain Bird Corporation is the leading manufacturer and provider of irrigation products and services. Since its beginnings, Rain Bird has offered the industry’s broadest range of irrigation products for farms, golf courses, sports arenas, commercial developments and homes in more than 130 countries around the world.

Rain Bird has been awarded more than 450 patents worldwide, including the first in 1935 for the original horizontal action impact drive sprinkler (U.S. Patent #1,997,901), which revolutionized the food production industry and ushered in a new era in irrigation, worldwide. The original impact sprinkler was designated a historic landmark in 1990 by the American Society of Agricultural Engineers. Today, Rain Bird offers over 4,000 irrigation products and services.

25waysRain Bird is committed to The Intelligent Use of Water™. It is our legacy to design and manufacture only those products of the highest value and quality. We work for long-term, responsible partnerships with our customers and our vendors. Today, Rain Bird and our partners in the irrigation and water management industries are in a unique position to make a difference. By working together, we can make it easier for people around the world to significantly reduce their outdoor water use while still enjoying the many benefits that green spaces have to offer.

Rain Bird will continue to develop products and initiatives that will help people make responsible, informed choices about the ways we all use water. By taking advantage of intelligent watering products and practices today, we can usher in a new era of water efficiency and sustainable water use  around the world.

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