Pressure Regulation

5006-Plus-PRSOne of the issues identified in the water district survey report was excessive water pressure.  High pressure caused many of the existing nozzles to mist and fog, which prevented even watering and led to runoff and overspray.

The new system solved this through the use of Rain Bird pressure regulating spray heads and rotors.  The Rain Bird 1800-SAM-P45 spray head uses an in-stem pressure regulator to ensure a steady 45 psi output which helps the new R-VAN rotary nozzles perform at their best.  In the back lawn, the Rain Bird 5000-Plus-PRS series rotors also provide pressure regulation to ensure larger water drops, improved distribution, less waste and less impact from the wind. Test data has shown that as much as one gallon of water per minute per sprinkler can be saved with PRS technology.

Correct water pressure is a critical factor for drip irrigation as well.  By adding a Rain Bird PRS-Dial retrofit pressure regulator to the existing brass valve, a steady 30 psi could be delivered to the new dripline system for maximum water savings.

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