Mountain States Wholesale Nursery

Mountain States Wholesale NurseriesFor 47 years, Mountain States Wholesale Nursery has led the way in developing and growing plants that belong to the deserts of the Southwest...plants that are water-efficient, and adapted to our soil, sun, water and winds...plants that bring the fascinating and unique beauty of  the Southwestern deserts to our homes, neighborhoods, and communities.

At our two Arizona nurseries, we grow an exciting and ever-expanding palette of drought tolerant trees, shrubs, accents, vines, perennials, and grasses. Our passion for enhancing the environment shows in our exceptional customer service, superior plant quality, prompt deliveries, commitment to education, and our ongoing research and development program. We ship weekly across the Southwest, from California to Texas and all points in between.


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Parinsonia-DesertMuseum 7g Hesperaloe parviflora Brakelight 7g Hesperaloe x Pink Parade