High Efficiency Nozzles

R-VAN5006-Plus-PRSWhile drip irrigation was used extensively throughout the project, there were two areas of functional turf grass in the church and preschool that needed efficient overhead irrigation.  On the front slope area, Rain Bird R-VAN Series hand-adjustable rotary nozzles were used along with Rain Bird's 1806-SAM-P45 pressure regulating spray heads.  The R-VAN's thick wind-resistant streams ensure efficient performance in adverse real world conditions, while its large water droplets cut through the wind so water stays in the target zone without misting or fogging.  The lower precipitation rate also helps to prevent runoff.

The larger back lawn area behind the church patio was ideal for Rain Bird's 5006+PRS Series pressure regulating rotors.  Featuring Rain Bird's high-efficiency Rain Curtain nozzles, these rotors produce larger water droplets, superior close-in watering and better distribution uniformity.

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