Drip Conversion

Parking lot median with new plants and drip
Parking lot media with new plants and drip

Throughout the church and preschool, Rain Bird drip products were used to apply water slowly right at the root zone, greatly reducing water loss from evaporation and runoff.  It also will prevent overspray on sidewalks and the parking lot asphalt, which had previously experienced water damage.

Rain Bird XFD Series inline emitter drip tubing was used extensively to water the new native plants and trees.  For dense areas, a dripline grid was created with lateral rows spaced 18" apart.  Rain Bird's innovative QF dripline header was used to speed installation of the dripline grid with its flexible barbs spaced 18" apart, making connections quick and easy.  For more sparsely spaced plants, Xeri-Bug point source emitters were inserted directly into the dripline and quarter-inch tubing was used to bring water directly to each plant.

In the difficult parking lot medians and patio planters, Rain Bird 1800-Spray-to-Drip Retrofit Kit was used to provide drip connection points.  Since they include a built in pressure regulator and filter, the existing valves and water supply PVC could be quickly converted.  In addition, the old fixed spray nozzles in the patio were replaced with PCT Pressure Compensating Bubblers which eliminated the overspray and runoff.

In the larger drip zone at the back of the church, a new Quick Check Basket Filter provided industrial-strength filtration to keep out dirt and debris.  Its special top indicator turns from green to red when the filter needs cleaning, making maintenance a breeze.

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